If you have a love of sports that runs so deep that people close to you think you need to back off from sports for a while then you've found the perfect website to visit during those moments you're aren't watching the big game on TV or playing in recreational sports leagues with your buddies!

We know how passionate sports fans are about their favourite teams and players and we want this website to be a place for you to check out on a regular basis to satisfy your sports needs. We believe that the reason why sports are so popular and why so many people would rather be out at the ballpark instead of stuck inside their condo or office is because of how universal and welcoming sports are. Donations provided by: WESCOR Wastewater & Environmental Systems

No matter the sport, be it football, baseball, basketball, roller derby, etc., there is always going to be a place where everybody can be included. There are a number of levels for all different types of sports that are tailored to the skill levels of those involved. We have pee wee minor league hockey, recreational league soccer for example, and there are even leagues designed specifically for individuals with disabilities that want to show off their athletic prowess.

While not every individual who plays rec league will be offered a contract to play at the professional level, participating in sports is more than just showing off how far you can throw a football or hit a baseball. Playing sports, no matter the level or your handicap, is about having fun, being entertained and providing spectators with hours of entertainment, strengthening your physical skills and being part of an organized group of like-minded individuals.

It doesn't matter if your son or daughter doesn't have the most natural skill set when it comes to the game of soccer or that you live each day of your life in a wheelchair. Sports are meant to throw those "challenges" out the window so that you can go out onto that field or rink and have fun playing a game. In the end that's all it really is, just a game, and those that truly love sports, the individuals that will drive their kids to soccer practice every week or miss their movie date because they have an important rec league game to play are the ones sports are meant to be for.

There are plenty of professional, amateur and recreational leagues in every city that organize sports leagues for every sport for people of all skill levels and ages, as sports are meant to be inclusive, from leagues for players with no experience or skill whatsoever required to play to leagues for players that take the game a little more seriously. All it takes is your commitment of time, and usually a bit of money for equipment -(for example, you'll want a mouthguard properly fitted by your dentist for contact sports, unless you enjoy the prospect of dental implants in your future)- to get involved. Plus, as we touched on earlier, there are also sports leagues exclusively for people living with disabilities, as sports don't want to exclude anybody from having a chance to get in on the fun.

Research the area you live in to see which sports are available and at what levels and then take the plunge and sign up for one. We promise you'll have fun!

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